Jegudiel, Guard of Swords

Jegudiel is an angelic weapon born into the endless battle against evil. He fights tirelessly against the dark with the conviction and determination to see the war through to its end.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


“He shall be the sword of the heavens and guard it’s gate from intrusion. Let all who stand before him fall likes wheat to the scythe.”
Jegudiel was born as a golem of light, created as a superior weapon during the First War. When the angels saw their foes prowess and strength during first years of the First War, they knew that they would need powerful weapons in order to stand a chance against the minions of Satan. The greatest minds among the angels decided to create an army of sentient weapons that would be born from the light of heaven. Jegudiel was the first and greatest of these weapons. Angels have a measure of mortal-like traits. They need to rest if not sleep, have companions and friends, and bathe occasionally in the light of heaven to renew their spirits. Jegudiel needs none of these things and rarely pauses in his fight against the darkness. In the First War he was constantly attacking and tactically retreating with his squadrons of light-golems, harrying the greater armies of Satan relentlessly while the major army of heaven rested or prepared other plans. Since his creation, Jegudiel has not gone a single day without dispatching a creature of pure evil, a demon, devil or undead monstrosity.

After the war against Satan ended, his brothers were put into stasis to await any future wars against the legion of the pit, but Jegudiel alone was left active for the express purpose of gaining greater experience and knowledge to make him a superior leader. Since then he has acted as heaven’s tactical adviser and main sword when battle is afoot.

In person Jegudiel is the ideal of heaven. Fearless, righteous, strong and a worthy leader. He is not the talking sort, and prefers actions to speeches.

Jegudiel, Guard of Swords

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