Gythalthix, the Beguiler


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Gythalthix is one of Satan’s most trusted lieutenants. The grinning devil is a massive creation of Satan’s and his construction was akin to the light golems of the first war except on a grand scale. Gythalthix’s fate was unexpected by Satan when he first gave the creature life, but makes him infinitely more valuable then dozens of other projects without such luck.
“His lies will be truth, no ear shall pick out falsehood, no eye shall see signs to suspect.”
The devil is a shape-shifter of impressive ability, able to copy almost any form and voice. He has fooled countless victims over the centuries into doing Satan’s bidding, most without even realizing it. Gythalthix is not a weak creature, but he does not possess the raw untamed strength of his fellows. Most of his ability lies in necromantic magic and endless legions of his horrible creations. He studied with Xosar and learned her craft, which he paid for in favors until he was called back to The Pit for other purposes. The dragon of death and Gythalthix have a good relationship and negotiate the dealings between the Umbral Dark and The Pit. Often Gythalthix is sent in Satan’s stead whenever he cannot attend a meeting or does not wish to.
In person Gythalthix has an unimaginably deep voice and a charismatic air, he often desires to make deals rather then fight but if given an order will call upon the many devils under his command and summon them to his side.

Gythalthix, the Beguiler

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