Gabriel, Guard of Light

Gabriel is an angelic champion who leads the armies of heaven into battle. She is tactically minded and is the only angel who is allowed to contemplate the idea of "necessary sacrifices"


4 (deadly)


Gabriel is a beautiful and bright-eyed angel with deadly efficiency and a calm manor. Her fate sets her as the general of heaven’s army even as she answers to Michael.
“Wings will beat for her, swords will kill at her word. She will judge the cost of sacrifice and fill the scale with blood.”
Gabriel has always set herself apart from the rest of the heavenly host, not just because her fate makes her see soldiers as pieces in a grand war, but because she enjoys the company of things that don’t respond more then she does her fellows. When war does not call Gabriel to her duty, she spends almost all her time in the presence of the light of heaven, acting as it’s caretaker and guardian. The other angels speak kindly about Gabriel, but beneath their niceties they see her as strange and recluse, but are forced to respect the weight of her duty.
Gabriel almost never exposes herself to direct danger, knowing that she is immensely important and a unique piece of heaven’s army; but when she does the host sees a single angel sway the tide of an entire battle, or even a war. Only when she believes the risk is worth herself does she strike into a fight with her shining sword and cut a key target down, or break a vital line.
In person Gabriel’s most striking feature is her halo; a ring of light that always surrounds her head no matter which way you look at her. The angel’s personality is confusing and can be downright paradoxical. She can be at once shy and commanding, unsure and positive, and fearless and afraid.

Gabriel, Guard of Light

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