Fenish Primm, The Lightning Pirate


3- (Potent Foe)


Fenish Primm was born to her mother Maria Primm and her father, Osire the Storm Mage. When she was young her father was absent, busy holding his seat on the pirates council and working on his own ambitious goals. Fenish was raised by her kindly mother and through her fathers wealth, given the best of everything. As Fenish began to grow into a teenager, something strange happened to her, the ageing process began to slow down dramatically so that when she was 20, she looked 14, and when she was 30, she looked 18. This phenomia caused Fenish’s mother to hire a personal tutor early on and she remained intrenched in their estate, learning from the bookish scholar alone. Once her schooling was over, Fenish ran as far and as fast as she could from that life and took to the seas to find her father. She had always dreamed of crewing her own ship, but perhaps it was the discovery of her own powerful storm sorcery that fulled her desire to follow in her father’s footsteps. Fenish did indeed find her father and acted as his apprentice for dozens of years, learning the ways of magic and the sea from him. Fenish then bought her own ship with funds gained during her years under Osire’s wing and sailed for another decade before a totally unexpected event occurred. She and many other ships were out at sea during a storm to end all storms. The hurricane lashed their seemly insignificant ships and threatened to topple them over far out at sea. In a desperate move Fenish used her mighty storm magic to create a second eye of the storm where the weather would not crush the ships. Dozens of sailing vessels found their way into the safe area and lashed themselves together so the still-violent tides wouldn’t separate their ship from the many (since most of their sails were damaged). After the storm abated some left, but others stayed lashed together, forming a kind of on-water trade post for any who desired to join. Fenish just sort of naturally assumed the leadership spot and has been there for years since. The area is now called the Flotilla.
In person Fenish has a strange mix of proper behavior and tactless ribbing which she switches between seamlessly. She knows she is good, but has no desire to be the best of anything. She finds it strange that people tend to look to her for leadership, but knows that it comes naturally to her. She has deep and turbulent feelings about her parents that no one would know just by looking.
Fenish’s fate was
“You will forge the eye in the storm.”

Fenish Primm, The Lightning Pirate

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