Faeleen is one of Harper's close companions, but used to be an elven princess stuck in a tower, waiting for rescue.


4- (Deadly)


“She will live alone in a tower of white stone with a dragon at it’s base. None but the champion who slays the dragon can take her out of the tower and win her love.”
The elven kingdom of Dramul in the enchanted forest was the birth place of Princess Faeleen and it mourned her terrible fate. Faeleen was put as a young girl into a white stone tower that had been left nearby by a long-dead wizard and a dragon naturally moved into the tower just below her room at the top. She waited dozens of years for her champion to arrive. A normal person might have gone mad, but fate ensured her sanity, beauty, and patience for her champion to arrive. With little else to do, Faeleen taught herself hundreds of strange skills with the magic storeroom of tool and food-making that sat adjacent to her tower bedroom. With the ancient books left by the wizard she learned magic, swordplay, acrobatics and became quite fit. When she reached 70 years of age and no champion had yet injured her dragon, Faeleen emerged from her room and killed the dragon herself, a horrible spawn of Kazor and Xosar. When she went back to her castle to be reintegrated into her family she found her city at war with the illithid. Quick to use her newfound skills Faeleen joined her army and there she met Harper and his company. Red Chaos was not yet burned by Abbadon and he tried to charm her. The two slept together then realized it was a terrible match. Faeleen never did stop liking the group though, and after the war ended in victory, she asked permission from her family to go and join them.
Since then Faeleen has always been extremely self-reliant and dislikes anyone suggesting that she is not capable of something; and has proven dozens of such people very wrong. Almost as well versed as the ancient beings of the world, Faeleen thrives under pressure. She lives life with a vigor that comes only from someone who spent a lot of years in two rooms could. She is a bit of a show-off and a real bad-ass.


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