Estrid, The White

Otherwise known as the Drake Queen, Estrid is the sole ruler of the kingdom of Airspur. She was born with the white hair which signified her future heritage as queen, and the coming death of the former ruler.


Estrid 3- (potent foe)
Mecil- 3 (potent foe)
Together- 4 (Deadly)


Estrid was born as the winter child, a white haired babe which is always born 18 years before the death of the current ruler of Airspur and ascends to the throne upon their death. This is a fated duty specific to Airspur and the city never suffers from claims or succession rights to the throne because of it, nor do they ever question the capabilities of their rulers who are always the right fit for the job. The old king or queen takes this eventuality with great poise and a sense of completion, never has a ruler of Airspur whispered resentment for their coming time. The rulers do not necessarily die in the same way, some go on the battlefield, some of age, some of sickness, but all will go at the exact time. The winter children share a part of their fate which dictates their eventual assumption of the throne, but the next verse displays their particular cause or duty which is unique. Estrid’s fate is
“On the bitter eighteenth winter a ruler will fall and a new leader will rise to their throne. She will command the drakes with steel words and a chill gaze and the skies of Airspur will sing with her soldiers.”
From a young age Estrid could command the drakes native to her homeland with mere words and gestures. She keeps a huge green drake names Mecil with her at all times.
In person Estrid is taciturn and holds herself with the expected grace and dignity befitting a queen. She is harsh on lawbreakers but also equally charitable to those in need. All the young women of Airspur take their sense of fashion and warrior-ship from their beloved queen.

Estrid, The White

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