Betun, Champion of Monsters

The current arena champion of the Tal'Riss arena, she is undefeated in her legendary run to the top.


3- (Potent Foe)


Betun began her life in the very city she now champions. She was born the child of a street whore to bitter poverty. Her mother was so poor that she could not have Betun’s fate read when she was a baby and both of them went without knowing it for years. When she was just 9 Betun began street-fighting to win money. She was unusually successful and once she got enough to live by her mother suggested she get her fate read and it changed her life. As the story goes, she was christened by the fortune teller the champion of monsters and told that if she crafted gear out of monster parts she would become a legendary warrior. She did just that and after ripping the fang from a huge drake and fashioning it into her weapon, the bladed-staff Ronnok, she proceeded to win bout after bout at the arena. Now she is flush with fame and fortune, but her new status has brought eyes to look upon her fate and discover that it was never recorded in the book of fate. This question lingers in the minds of onlookers whether she is telling the whole truth about her mysterious rise and what it means for her future.

Betun, Champion of Monsters

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