Besturn, the Lightning Serpent

Besturn is the child of Sumzal and Salt with what some would call the best features of both


4 (Deadly)


Besturn was born 370 years before the Dragon War. His fate was impressive but it’s words alone did not make him famous among his own kind.
“His breath sears the body, his thoughts the mind. The sky brightens in the moment of his appearance.”
The story goes that Besturn was the dragon chosen to lead the battle to distract Kazor from the final treaty which would mark the end of the Dragon War. The gathering of the other world dragons lasted two days and with vastly out trained forces and against a superior general, Besturn and his forces held off Kazor’s onslaught with wit, distraction and bluffs. Had Besturn failed on those two days it is unknown what would have become of the war, which could have stretched on for centuries longer.
Kazor swore a terrible vengeance on Besturn after that day and still hunts for his chance to kill the city-dwelling dragon. Besturn is always on the move, less he should be caught by the terrible war-monger.
Besturn is now an ancient blue dragon with the shape and kindness of his father and genius of his mother.

Besturn, the Lightning Serpent

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