Angulax the Corruptor (White Fire)


2- (Common Ascended)


One of Satan’s numerous mid-level devils. Angulax is known among the realms of The Pit for his strange affinity with the radiant powers of light and goodness. This power springs from his fate.
“The light that burns, the sun that blinds. His fire burns hot in the hearts of men, searing the mind till only the heart speaks.”
Angulax is often placed among men of ill-intent to stoke their rage, suspicion, and feelings of treachery until the darkness in their hearts boils over into full blown paranoia and feelings of isolation.
Like most of his kind, Angulax is fully devoted to Satan and his grand design, which he only knows his own snippets of. He is a creature of intellect and patience, gaining pleasure from slowly working towards his end goals of turning clusters of power towards Satan, giving him bases in the upper world. Angulax often works through subsidiaries for his early projects, not wanting to be seen until the trap has been sprung. Often Angulax is empowered to give great gifts in simple deals which quickly spin out of control until they are beyond hope. His fate-born powers make these deals seem like a good idea to the mortals who make them and they convince themselves that they will pay the devil his due, but usually fail since Angulax often has rules in place as part of the bargain to keep that goal out of the mortals reach, but always just so.

Angulax the Corruptor (White Fire)

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