Admonstranx the Deceiver

This powerful devil was not created by Satan, but was a creature of darkness before the first war. During that war Satan allowed Admonstranx something no other piece of the darkness received, freedom.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Admonstranx is a nightmarish creature, not exactly a devil, not really a creature of darkness. He stands as a guardian of The Pit, perhaps it’s most powerful. Admonstranx is able to change between his two natures, taking on the advantages and disadvantages of either with a simple mask made from the flesh of other devil-lords he has slain in order to maintain his position as sentry.
Admonstranx’s body is made out of fire and smoke, making him very difficult to strike with intent to harm and few mortals have managed to deal any kind of dangerous damage to the abomination. Most fearsome of all is his ability to enter his foe’s body through their airways and choke them to death or sear their insides, killing them instantly. Only Harper the Bold has ever dealt serious damage to Admonstranx in his quest to seek the spirit of his late wife.
Admonstranx is not an intelligent creature per-say but his mind for destruction is as sharp as any. Any method of harm or destruction seems to come naturally to the creature as it has proven time and time again. Tactical surprises enacted in moments where other creatures would have required long planning period. He is sneaking, cunning and deadly, and rightfully deserving of his spot as Satan’s hound.

Admonstranx the Deceiver

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